Seasonal Diary

After Covid March 30, 2023
Well hello readers! The constant brain power to outwit Blackgrass in the arable crops is still working well.  Our friends' sheep & lambs hav... [MORE]

Spring at last March 24, 2022
Well the diary has been rather dormant during the last few years for obvious reasons. However the farm itself has carried on as usual.  Crops ... [MORE]

Summer & Early Winter 2018 December 10, 2018
Well, what with Brexit nationally and Broxit here, we seem to have been rather busy. What a fabulous summer.  To step outside every morning to... [MORE]

Summer/Autumn 2017 October 11, 2017
We have had a good harvest and the Oats made a nice change from the Oilseed Rape............... so much less allergy pollens. We were very excited ... [MORE]

Winter & Spring 2017 April 17, 2017
It is a while since I wrote in the diary.  We have been less busy scaring pigeons away from the Oilseed Rape, as we are growing Spring Oats ins... [MORE]

a flying visit to Leicestershire..... thank you to recent visitors for this video. September 15, 2016
... [MORE]

Starting the harvest August 04, 2016
The first cut into the Oilseed Rape was made at 17.30 hours last night.  The field called Bottom Sics was completed before dusk.  The comb... [MORE]

Dragonfy July 09, 2016
Dear Diary.......... it is an age since I have written here.  Seeing this Dragonfly yesterday in a Great Dalby garden prompted me to catch up a... [MORE]

Longer days February 24, 2016
Beautiful hedgelaying at the top if Ingle Hill on Moscow Farm....... One of the winter jobs completed by Patrick. One of our many lanes goes up t... [MORE]

a Goldcrest in Great Dalby January 19, 2016
We have had a wonderful show of birds on the various birdfeeders dotted around the farmland and in the garden.  A little bird appeared in a fri... [MORE]

Soggy December December 31, 2015
Harry & Wendy and their 2 dogs have been staying in the cottage over Christmas, and are used to the little idiocyncrasies that give it such char... [MORE]

Nightjars in Leicestershire September 03, 2015
Last summer just before dawn a bird flew into our window.  We expected to see a dead blackbird, but it was a NIGHTJAR.  Rare in Leiceste... [MORE]

Golden Girl August 25, 2015
Thankfully we have harvested most of the oats.  The 11mm of rain we had recently has put a stop to most things.  This gave us an opportu... [MORE]

wheat with a view August 12, 2015
Happy days combining and carting from the 60 acre field at Great Dalby, called First Hill, shown below in Google Earth.  Our neighbours are als... [MORE]

Sneeze, Sneeze, Sneeze June 24, 2015
Lots of fun in the pollen for the last week or so.  The wheat and the trees are the main culprits, but Boy, do they look gorgeous.  More s... [MORE]

HLS Scheme May 23, 2015
  We have been busy with Higher Level Stewardship Scheme work....... sowing conservation seed, trying to keep the slugs at bay, and enjoying t... [MORE]

all work stopped for the Bluebell Picnic May 13, 2015
This the Moscow Farm Bluebell wood.  It was planted in the 1800's as a Fox covert for hunting by Sir Francis Burdett.  4 generations of ... [MORE]

hedgelaying at Pickwell January 01, 2015
... [MORE]

Snow so pretty December 30, 2014
L The low winter setting sun casts a golden glow over the stubble.  The colours only last for about 20 minutes.  It has been nice to have... [MORE]

The Garner is full November 10, 2014
This is what 1000 tons of wheat looks like.  Such better, plumper grain than last year. Most of the field gates are now closed, with the new... [MORE]

Talking of Christmas September 26, 2014
Just under 3 months to go, but decorations and Christmas talk seems to be everywhere. We are booked for Christmas........... so that will be nice... [MORE]

Beautiful Indian Summer September 10, 2014
In spite of the beautiful weather, this farmer's wife has to keep up the home baking for the holiday cottage and for the workers..................... [MORE]

baling and carting August 17, 2014
A lovely sunny morning after a shower of rain.  This is the scene in the field known asThe Flats.  Various local contractors are baling ... [MORE]

healthy crops June 13, 2014
Rather than show a picture of a tractor and field, here is an unusual view for us of the Leicester University Archaeology students on the last dig o... [MORE]

spraying and fertilizer spreading May 11, 2014
These have been the main activities on the farm lately.  On wet days there are always repairs or modifications to be done to farm machinery. &n... [MORE]

a hairy bend April 27, 2014
Today saw the annual Cicle Clasic race zoooooooom past the farm.  We heard lots of  shouts of 'back off' from various riders as they came ... [MORE]

Spring has Sprung April 01, 2014
    The toads think so anyway.  Croaking can be heard all day on the farm ponds.  A brace of red-legged partridge were str... [MORE]

Foxton Locks - exciting news March 18, 2014
Foxton Locks in Leicestershire secures funding boost from Arts Council 05/03/2014 Foxton Locks, the Leicestershire visitor attraction with one o... [MORE]

the old ways....... March 18, 2014
We are at last able to get machinery onto the land, after a dry, warm spell of weather.  This land should have been drilled last autumn.  ... [MORE]

sunshine and snowdrops February 10, 2014
I refuse to mention the word rain....... oh dear. Lots of winter repairs have been done, especially to some of the old buildings and yards near t... [MORE]

christmas is coming..... December 06, 2013
The geese are enjoying some Queen Caroline apples from the farm orchard.  We will see if the meat is extra sweet.  50 day old ducklings ... [MORE]

Autumn weather November 19, 2013
The arrival of 10 geese to fatten for christmas has caused a bit of a stir down on the farm.  Some of our neighbour's sheep have had to share a... [MORE]

Pinterest Button.... October 03, 2013
I am using my ipad a lot more for taking farm related photos.  It is much easier to find than the camera.   I have also discovered PINT... [MORE]

in with the new August 16, 2013
Oh the joy of it. Hopefully no more worries about the little open fire, AND a much cosier snug in the winter.  There are plenty of logs ready... [MORE]

Out with the old.... August 05, 2013
Time to feel safer about open fires, and for greater heating efficiency in the winter........................   Bish, Bash, Bosh, and a c... [MORE]

End of 2013 Burrough Hill Dig July 21, 2013
What an exciting 6 weeks we have experienced. Photo shows the SW corner of the hill near the toposcope, with a view down to us. Lots of new disco... [MORE]

Burrough Hill Dig June 28, 2013
June & July are busy months with Leicester University students staying at the cottage, whilst working on the dig. ... [MORE]

Field Drainage June 13, 2013
There are  always drainage projects in the pipeline...  Old clay drains criss-cross all of our fields, with drainage maps going back to ... [MORE]

Barn Owls and Goldcrests and Offroaders April 14, 2013
We seem to have a family of barn owls hunting along the course of the stream in the field in front of Moscow Farm Holiday cottage.  We have 6 o... [MORE]

Dust & Snow April 10, 2013
Working the land under Burrough Hill shows an amazing contrast.  Snow is still lying in exposed places on the hill fort ramparts, but the top o... [MORE]

Lambing in Rutland March 11, 2013
Some friends have been busy lambing in nearby Rutland.............. all hands to the pump to get the job done......................http://www.facebo... [MORE]

5 dry days February 22, 2013
No rain for 5 days means that we can get on the land at last.  Some fertilizer has been applied and some cultivations have been done.  Fie... [MORE]

Dreaming of Springtime January 09, 2013
Rather than more soggy photos, this is one from last year.  These lovely old Hawthorn/May bushes are in a small field in front of the cottages,... [MORE]

Dear Diary November 25, 2012
Wet, Wet, Wet is the name of the game at Moscow Farm.  We've had so much rain that only a small acreage of Winter corn has been drilled.  ... [MORE]

Fieldwalking November 12, 2011
The local Fieldwalkers have been busy walking several fields looking for historical finds - pot sherds, fossils, metal, etc.  This work has a s... [MORE]

Autumn October 15, 2011
Dear Diary - we must have had a busy summer!  The Leicester University Archaeological  project on Burrough Hill lasted for an exciting 5-... [MORE]

Damage to Green Lane June 21, 2011
Unfortunately this is the sort of damage that 'off-roaders' do to our Green Lanes. They like nothing more than to get stuck in the mud they have cr... [MORE]

Cicle Classic 2011 April 30, 2011
We saw the 2011 Cicle Classic whizz past Moscow Farm recently. Photo shows a local farmer trying to get in on the act. The real competitors........ [MORE]

Aptly named December 10, 2010
We didn't miss out on the snow here at Moscow - it was a winter wonderland and made bird/wild animal watching so much easier.   It is a while s... [MORE]

Old dodderers October 01, 2010
This strange plant called Dodder has taken up residence under a bird feeder which contained Niger seed.  The Niger seeds germinated this summer a... [MORE]

Torville & Dean September 28, 2010
Autumn land work is well underway at Moscow.  The 2 new turbines - nicknamed Torville & Dean are providing the farm with electricity.&n... [MORE]

Burrough Hill Dig August 01, 2010
Exciting times as Leicester University have launched a 5 year programme of discovery on this ancient Iron Age/Roman Hill Fort.  Excavations will ... [MORE]

Horses in the meadow July 08, 2010
Recent guests have been able to bring their horses on holiday with them - not to mention 3 well-behaved dogs.  The quiet lanes around the farm ga... [MORE]

Dances with wolves June 14, 2010
We have recently had some temporary visitors to the Wood Close.  Our neighbours have made big bale silage from our grass break crop.  Lookin... [MORE]

Bluebells and Barn owls May 07, 2010
We've just had the family & friends' annual Bluebell picnic.  It's a grand way to spend a day - in the bluebell wood with a huge camp fire.&n... [MORE]

Spring is coming April 07, 2010
The bluetits are nesting in boxes around the farm and gardens.  The entry holes in the new nesting boxes are a tight squeeze for them - maybe we ... [MORE]

Winter tasks February 16, 2010
We have a heavy clay soil on the farm.  Here is a winter project that is well under way.  The area has a 'wet spot' and needs ... [MORE]

Countryside Stewardship Blocks December 11, 2009
Here is an example of a small corner of a field, difficult to cultivate, which is in the Countryside Stewardship Scheme.  A wide variety of w... [MORE]

New crop of Oilseed Rape near the spinney October 29, 2009
The new crops of Oilseed Rape are covering the fields with a rich green hue.  For autumn this is a welcome sight.  All around,  the... [MORE]

One of our lanes September 27, 2009
This is one of the many green lanes on the farm.  In fact it leads to the old bluebell wood  where the family hold a bluebell picnic every M... [MORE]

Sunflowers September 19, 2009
We have been enjoying the wonderful colour of the sunflowers planted with other wildbird seeds such as Quinoa and Phacelia (Scorpionweed).  N... [MORE]

Montagu's Harrier August 29, 2009
A rare Montagu's Harrier has been sighted today in the fields over Moscow Farm, near Burrough Hill.  'Twitchers' are lining the narrow lanes to g... [MORE]

Harvest has started July 20, 2009
The Combine Harvester moved into the field known as 'Peakes Big Hill' and started to combine the winter barley crop.  Rain showers made the harve... [MORE]

Interested piglets June 22, 2009
We came across this happy little group of black piglets during a walk on Burrough Hill - they live in a field off the track to the carpark.... [MORE]

Happy lambs May 30, 2009
Some of our neighbour's sheep and lambs are grazing the field in front of the cottage - although we are now an arable farm, we still retain some areas... [MORE]

Hedges looking good May 02, 2009
This hedge was planted about 10 years ago and contains Hawthorn, Hazel, Crabapple, Spindle and Hornbeam.  Following several 'chains' of hedge bei... [MORE]

Spring is Here! April 14, 2009
Lots of hedge and tree blossoms are appearing.  The blackthorn hedges are white with blossom, and tassles of green flowers are beginning to appea... [MORE]