Seasonal Diary

Starting the harvest

(August 04, 2016)

The first cut into the Oilseed Rape was made at 17.30 hours last night.  The field called Bottom Sics was completed before dusk.  The combine harvesters have had a testing time in our little bit of Leicestershire, with a road closure on our doorstep.  It is exciting to see the clean, serviced combine harvester leave the farm and make its way up to the fields.  Then we see the cloud of dust which lets us know where it is.  Text messages come in for refreshments, but no so many as the old days.  The little cool box on the combine means that all sorts of goodies can be at the ready.

Last year's grain is still being sold and moved, so there are lots of unpeaceful tractor movements at the moment.  Our cottage guests this week have been here a few times before, so know this bit of the farming season.  They were spotted walking with their labrador up to Burrough-on-the-Hill Pub last night.  They were warned about the demon Baz's Bonce Blower Ale.

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