Seasonal Diary

Summer/Autumn 2017

(October 11, 2017)

We have had a good harvest and the Oats made a nice change from the Oilseed Rape............... so much less allergy pollens.

We were very excited to welcome a new Grandson, Victor into the family in early July.  Granny was able to get some cuddle time organised, before the harvest got going, and food was the main priority.

The Holiday cottage has been very busy and everyone is enjoying the makeover in the kitchen and bathroom.

The very good news is that the Internet Connection is much, much better.  This is for those of you who like to stream stuff and get very frustrated.

Some drilling has been done, but this is 'Man's Land' so everything is heavier, colder and slower than farming I see from the train. 

I found an old box of old goodies the other day, in the old oak chest.  A brass seal and sealing wax from bygone days.  Here it is


Great fun trying it out......


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