Seasonal Diary

Summer & Early Winter 2018

(December 10, 2018)

Well, what with Brexit nationally and Broxit here, we seem to have been rather busy.

What a fabulous summer.  To step outside every morning to warmth and sunshine was a very special time.  We don't suffer too badly in a drought as our heavy clay soil comes into it's own with regard to water retention.  However, the classic huge cracks appeared in the fields, so we were able to push a notched stick down to see if we could beat the record.

Straw was in short supply so our usual customers had to share the spoils a bit this year.  We have had a busy year at the cottage.  In spite of offering 'full weeks only' it has all been worthwhile.  A new grandson made time even more precious and changeovers after only 3 nights makes for hard work in the cottage, not to mention the garden.

We had a nice new shiny tractor to get used to, but the youngsters were soon boss of it.  Not sure about the Boss though.

I keep thinking I will retire, but mainly repeat bookings keep coming in for 2019 so here we go again!

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