Seasonal Diary

Spring at last

(March 24, 2022)

Well the diary has been rather dormant during the last few years for obvious reasons.

However the farm itself has carried on as usual.  Crops have been grown, looked after and sold.  We recently sold some cereals that we had in store.  No! not for a high price, as they had been sold on contract at the beginning of the growing year.

The cottage has housed family returning from USA, a granny visiting from Malaysia, a wedding party etc.  

Chris & Patrick knocked down the old shed.  Chris is keen to try his hand at building me a shed made of straw.  Somehow after the initial speedy demolition, it has gone further down his 'to do list'.

They have also excavated a large pond at the bottom of the Rough Meadow... leading up to Burrough Hill, and they have built a wonderful stone Hibernculum for the 'wee beasties' to take shelter.

We also now own a Colour Sorter.  A highly technical machine which sorts out things like Ergot in the cereals.  We were a bit fed up with being deducted per ton for it's supposed presence in our lorry loads. We are happier now.  More in control.

We have had barn owls in special boxes in several locations on the farm.  Last year we were able to watch a pair bring up a brood of 3.  Security cameras have more uses than you would imagine.  A pair have just taken residence again, but a cheeky kestrel keeps trying to take it over.

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