Seasonal Diary

After Covid

(March 30, 2023)

Well hello readers!

The constant brain power to outwit Blackgrass in the arable crops is still working well.  Our friends' sheep & lambs have been munching on our delicious herbal leys over last spring, summer & autumn.  During the season they have been supplying March House Farm shop in the village of Great Dalby. Sometimes they make it as far as Farmers' markets in London.  What a treat for the customers.

At the moment we have a field full of 'tups' munchching away after their busy nuptials. They had fun escaping and trespassing on the cottage garden and here at Moscow Lodge. Nice bit of fertiliser left for the garden.

Chris & Patrick have been busy experimenting with farmscale Compost during the winter.  Temperatures are regularly taken to see how it is working. A redundant 'Forage/feed wagon' was purchased and eventually delivered.  Into the workshop for modifications, and in fact a whole new floor, due to metal fatigue etc.

Cottage occupants have been treated to many tractors rigs travelling up and down the lane leading to outlying fields.  It is a fascinating place here.  Ultra quiet but suddenly action from various parts of the farm and buildings.  

Chris has refurbished a couple of Barn Owl boxes this winter.  One is a very 'des res' affair, quite near to the cottages.  However two darned Jackdaws seem to have venured into it and are trying to make it their home.  Somebody (?) needs to take a look in and see if an owl is being disturbed.  

The cost of electricity has delayed Cottage occupancy during the colder months, as the heating is mainly electric.  It seems as though Spring is in the air on some days.  So, we look forward to maybe having a Summer's Lease occupancy.

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