Seasonal Diary

Bluebells and Barn owls

(May 07, 2010)
We've just had the family & friends' annual Bluebell picnic.  It's a grand way to spend a day - in the bluebell wood with a huge camp fire.  The picnic tradition has been in existence for at least 50 years, spanning 5 generations.  The cottage is kept free this weekend for additional housing.  Tents have sprung up in the wood in 2010 - a bit chilly at night, but Ray Mears was consulted!

The Barn Owl was spotted from the Cottage garden, at about 6pm, flying along the headlands and hedgerows of the Big Meadow.  He/she made circular trips of the field, via the old machinery shed, looking for a tasty mouse perhaps. bluebell4

Waiting for food...                                                                       and hoping for food...

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