Seasonal Diary


(October 15, 2011)

Dear Diary - we must have had a busy summer! 

The Leicester University Archaeological  project on Burrough Hill lasted for an exciting 5-6 weeks over the summer.  We were lucky enough to have a 'key' member of the archaeological team staying in our cottage - providing priviledges galore.  Dr Alice Roberts of Digging for Britain spent some time filming with her team during the dig.

Both Roman and Iron Age material was found.  Just google 'Burrough Hill Dig' and you will find out all about it and more......... Local Fieldwalkers/Leicester University/Melton Metal Detectors have also been active on the farm, as part of a cohesive approach to researching the history surrounding Burrough Hill.

BH Dig 2011

We have been doing our own excavations to build a new 'shed'.  The excess hardcore has been used to try and correct some of the ongoing damage done to our beautiful and ancient lanes and bridlepaths by 'off-roaders'

All the autumn drilling has been done, and the landscape is changing daily, as the new seeds emerge.

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