Seasonal Diary

Barn Owls and Goldcrests and Offroaders

(April 14, 2013)

We seem to have a family of barn owls hunting along the course of the stream in the field in front of Moscow Farm Holiday cottage.  We have 6 owl boxes on our 600 acre farm.  

To find out more about Leicestershire Barn Owls click here

A Goldcrest was spotted this morning.  A rare visitor to Moscow Farm....... Or rather, rarely seen here.

A walk up to Burrough Hill via the footpath through our field known as The Rough Meadow was sadly ruined by the deep ruts made by 'offroaders' in gangs of 4 x 4's and trail bikes.  The field has a bridlepath on its other side, and at the point where footpath meets bridle path, walking becomes almost impossible.

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