Seasonal Diary

Autumn weather

(November 19, 2013)

The arrival of 10 geese to fatten for christmas has caused a bit of a stir down on the farm.  Some of our neighbour's sheep have had to share a small paddock with the feathered flock.  However to protect the geese from the foxes, we have made them a small area fully protected by electric fencing.  The local pheasants are a bit cheeky and sneak in at night to steal the fattening ration.  Again, precautions have been taken.

The local horse riders have also had to adjust, as none of the horses like to walk past the geese.  On sunday we were again plagued by 10, yes 10......... muddy scrambling bikes.  They decided to do circular trips along several of the bridleways, including churning their way up two sides of Burrough Hill.  The deep ruts they continue to deepen have caused dangerous areas for walkers and horses.  They were having fun in the mud for several hours in our field known as The Rough Meadow.  Alas, it is now much rougher.  The top part near Burrough Hill has been a haven for wildlife for many years, but not so beautiful now.

A lot of  winter wheat seed is still in storage, as the ground on the farm has been too wet during october and early november to drill.  I bet the new drill has 'itchy feet'..... not to mention the farmer. We should have booked a holiday....... then drilling conditions would have been ideal!

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