Seasonal Diary

the old ways.......

(March 18, 2014)

We are at last able to get machinery onto the land, after a dry, warm spell of weather.  This land should have been drilled last autumn.  Interestingly, the land we managed to plough has been the best to work down and drill.  The 'modern' minimal cultivation land is now a tough cookie, having been sodden all winter and now baking a hard crust on top.

Moscow farm ducks are being processed today, for local Fine Dining restaurants.  They of course have been quite happy with the weather.  A lot of man hours have been spent this winter up cycling good quality farm buildings and equipment to house and feed the ducks. It is interesting to forage for old galvanised containers from the 1950s.  Most in good condition, and far better quality than any of today's expensive offerings.

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