Seasonal Diary

spraying and fertilizer spreading

(May 11, 2014)

These have been the main activities on the farm lately.  On wet days there are always repairs or modifications to be done to farm machinery.  Some roadside drainage repairs have been done at the Pickwell land.  The woodland gives us plenty to keep busy with too.  

Wheat from last harvest which has been stored over winter, is now being sold and collected by various haulage companies.  The Farmer's wife gets the usual phone call if the driver has not been before.  ' get yourself to Great Dalby first ' is what I usually say.

We have had  a lovely stream of visitors to the Holiday Cottage.  A recent couple had the good idea of meeting a local rural bus a couple of villages away and doing a different circular walk to the ones on their doorstep.  Some travel far and wide....... Italy for example during a month's visit from Australia.  Some stay close to home.

Then there was all the cuffuffle over a neighbour's missing dog Sid!  We are happy to report  that somehow, he found his way back home after several days ............  You would wonder how, given his description.


lost dog





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