Seasonal Diary

baling and carting

(August 17, 2014)

over the bales to Little Dalby woods

A lovely sunny morning after a shower of rain.  This is the scene in the field known asThe Flats.  Various local contractors are baling straw which has been sold to local livestock farmers.  This means that the ground is cleared quickly, enabling next year's crop to be sown, and very few miles for the straw to travel.  I wish I had saved some of the gorgeous golden oat straw to make this year's Corn Dolly.  I am trying to make it with short spring wheat straw which is not good for Dollies.  We need to keep the 'spirit of the harvest' within the dolly............. needless to say I have many Corn Dollies.

We are waiting for a dry spell to continue with the wheat harvest.  Meanwhile, there is plenty of hedge cutting to be done, especially around the gateways to enable the combine to get in unscathed, and to give the tractor drivers good visibility.

We had a visit from Batman this week.  Photos to follow.

It has been a grand summer, with lots of visitors to the cottage. Many dog-miles have been walked, and many maps consulted.

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