Seasonal Diary

Snow so pretty

(December 30, 2014)

snow b hillL

The low winter setting sun casts a golden glow over the stubble.  The colours only last for about 20 minutes.  It has been nice to have visitors in the holiday cottage over Xmas.  We seem to have been busy this winter..... As usual we seem to be a half-way-house for family get togethers at the cottage.

The men are over at our Pickwell land, sorting out hazel stakes ready for some hedge laying over there.  They have been hedge cutting and working in the underwoods at Moscow Farm since the brief xmas break. The upcycled Farm Office is taking shape.   We are splashing out on new carpet, otherwise the old concrete floor would be a bit chilly.  The building used to be a calf shed back in the day.

Pigeons are a constant nuisance on the young Oilseed Rape crops so daily patrols keep them moving.  The wild birds are fed via large tube feeders spread around the farm.  These are topped up almost every other day.  The hedge cutting machine is waiting for vital spare parts to be delivered, and then repairs can be done. Some spraying has been done when weather conditions have been right.





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