Seasonal Diary

wheat with a view

(August 12, 2015)

Happy days combining and carting from the 60 acre field at Great Dalby, called First Hill, shown below in Google Earth.  Our neighbours are also carting silage, so 'living in the countryside' will take on a new meaning for the local commuters


Firsthill Googleearth

FH wheat 2015

We have the perfect weather for harvesting the wheat at Great Dalby.  Although the clouds are banking up, the weather keeps fine. The crop seems good, judging by the movements of the tractors & trailers carrying the loads.  Our wheat is used to make bread, if the protein content is high enough.  It is brought back to the farm where it is dried (if necessary) and stored until the time is right to sell.  The Farmer is nursing a major shoulder repair, and is due to start physio later this week.  In the meantime he is doing his own physio with the yard brush, moisture meter and shovel.

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