Seasonal Diary


(July 09, 2016)

Dear Diary.......... it is an age since I have written here.  Seeing this Dragonfly yesterday in a Great Dalby garden prompted me to catch up a bit.

We have had a steady flow of lovely visitors and dogs at Moscow Farm Cottage this year.

The farmer and staff have been mending tractors, making new equipment, spraying and fertilizing, not to mention a lot of Stewardship work.  Cleaning out ponds, sowing wild flower/pollen strips and lots more besides.  Having no livestock these days, means that there are times when these sort of jobs can get done, without too much interuption.

Our winter oats are mainly still standing after lots of recent heavy rain.  A couple of weeks ago, some damage was done with wind and rain.  However the oats seem to like our heavy clay soil.

Dragon Fly GD 2

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